An analysis of the book the death of woman wang by jonathan spence

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The Death of Woman Wang Summary & Study Guide

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The Death of Woman Wang Summary & Study Guide

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· The main themes of the book which we will discuss in class concern the role of women in Late Imperial China, about which “Woman Wang” tells us a great deal, and the role of Confucian magistrates, for which Huang [AAA] Atlas of Ancient Archaeology, Jacquetta Hawkes (ed), Barnes and Nobles: [AAF] Answering a Fundamentalist, Albert J.

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Spence’s 11 books on Chinese history include The Gate of Heavenly Peace, Treason by the Book, and The Death of Woman Wang. He has been awarded Guggenheim and MacArthur fellowships and is "Well illustrated and stylishly written, The Lost Wolves of Japan is a wolf's-eye view of premodern Japanese culture and the modern state's drive for modernization an excellent book easily worth the time to read it.

Well written and imaginatively illustrated, this monograph is as fascinating as it is timely."―Journal of Japanese Studies.

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An analysis of the book the death of woman wang by jonathan spence
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