An analysis of the rate of firearm related death in the united states

Gun violence

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Gun Control Research Analysis

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National Youth Gang Survey Analysis

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Gun violence in the United States

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Trends in Homicide from Health, United States Deaths: Leading Causes for [PDF – 2 MB] Recent Increases in Injury Mortality Among Children and Adolescents Aged 10–19 Years in the United States: – [PDF – KB].

1. Where there are more guns there is more homicide (literature review). Our review of the academic literature found that a broad array of evidence indicates that gun availability is a risk factor for homicide, both in the United States and across high-income countries.

Gun violence topics page (a collection of open access AJPH research related to gun violence). Academic Public Health and the Firearm Crisis: An Agenda for Action.

Association between Connecticut Permit-to-Permit Handgun Law and Homicide.

Gun Violence

Measuring Trends in TBI. Rates of TBI-related death have declined 20 percent sincereflecting some success in efforts to prevent such injuries. International Homicide Comparisons [For international gun and non-gun homicide, suicide, and total violent death rates, see GunCite's International Violent Death.

The state with the highest per capita gun death rate in was Alaska, followed by Louisiana. Each of these states has extremely lax gun violence prevention laws as well as a higher rate of gun ownership.

An analysis of the rate of firearm related death in the united states
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15 Statistics That Tell the Story of Gun Violence in