An introduction to the history of the tet offensive

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The Tet Offensive

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The Tet Offensive: A Concise History

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Lesson 5: The Tet Offensive: 1968

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Watch video · The Tet Offensive (4 min) tv-pg A calculated series of attacks take American and South Vietnamese forces by surprise, but the Viet Cong's offensive quickly spirals out of control.

The term "Tet Offensive" usually refers to the January–February offensive, but it can also include the so-called "Mini-Tet" offensives that took place in May and August, or the 21 weeks of unusually intense combat which followed the initial attacks in January.

Tet Offensive: Vietnam War&nbspResearch Paper

- During the Vietnam War was a defining moment in American history, in that due to the Tet Offensive, American morale concerning the war and President Johnson decreased, mistrust in the government increased, and the end of the Vietnam War seemed nearer. Approachable and insightful, The Tet Offensive is not only a great introduction to reading history through primary sources, it is an essential tool for understanding what made the Tet Offensive such an important turning point of the Vietnam War.

As the fighting mounted at Khe Sanh in the first part of Januarythe Communists were making final preparations for launching the Tet Offensive.

Since Tet typically brought a mutual cease-fire, Hanoi assumed that the South Vietnamese would be relaxed and unprepared for an assault. To stress the importance of the Tet Offensive in turning American public opinion against the war.

To illuminate how the Vietnam War remains a vital part of American life and culture. Part 1:.

The Tet Offensive : A Concise History by James Willbanks - PDF free download eBook An introduction to the history of the tet offensive
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