An introduction to the history of the xiongmao bear in china

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A Brief History of the Panda Bear

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Telling Chinese Stories

Understanding the official ‘China Story’ as well as some crucial variations of it – ‘telling Chinese stories’ – is crucial to a broad-based engagement with the contemporary Chinese world. The following essay is based on a talk presented at the University of Sydney on 1 May Jul 16,  · I recently hired Jay to provide me with an introduction to Chengdu over the course of a day.

He was terrific. He tailored a great visit for me that focused on the people of the city TripAdvisor reviews. The panda (“xiongmao” in Chinese, literally meaning “bear-cat”) is an endangered species that the Chinese Government and specialist NGOs have been consciously protecting since the efforts have been rewarded and the latest population counts have shown an increase of nearly 50%!

Since its introduction to the western world in by a French missionary who shipped back a pelt to the Museum of Natural History in Paris, it has become one of the most revered animals in the world.

Mao: A Life

Philip Short's sprawling biography of Mao Zedong is an excellent introduction to the history of communist China/5. The species in question was apparently called mi kham (golden bear) by the local people and “ours de bamboo” (bamboo bear) by colonial hunters and its description does indeed bear some similarity to the red panda; a cat-sized animal, golden red in colour with .

An introduction to the history of the xiongmao bear in china
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