An introduction to the steps in the criminal justice process

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Department of Justice Studies

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A Criminal Justice Report Writing Checklist

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Criminal Justice

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Steps in the criminal justice process. The major steps in processing a criminal case are as follows: Investigation of a crime by the police.

The purpose of a criminal investigation is to gather evidence to identify a suspect and support an arrest. An investigation may require a search, an exploratory inspection of a person or property. School of Criminal Justice and Criminal Justice an introduction to the steps in the criminal justice process Administration is becoming a popularly pursued specialization in this field Find out what criminal justice administration is by clicking here Introduction Presidencies can exert substantial influence over the direction of the.

Criminal Justice Process Criminal Justice Abstract This paper will explain how the criminal justice system works. The O.J. Simpson case was used to outline the roles in the criminal justice process.

This paper will detail information from the reporting of the crime to the sentencing in which Simpson was found not guilty of committing murder. I.

Criminal Justice Policy Process


The criminal justice process

The Decision Network transforms free citizens into, suspects then into defendants, into convicted offenders, probationers, inmates or parolees, leading into their eventual discharge from sentence and their return to society. Steps in the criminal justice process include the investigation and arrest, pretrial activities, adjudication, sentencing, and corrections.

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An introduction to the steps in the criminal justice process
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