An overview of theories of the origin of the moon

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History of Solar System formation and evolution hypotheses

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How Was the Moon Formed?

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Origins of the Moon

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Moon landing conspiracy theories

HISCOX School of Animal and Microbial Sciences, PO BoxReading, RG6 6AJ, UK. Prior to the study of the Apollo samples, there was no consensus about the origin of the Moon. There were three principal theories: co-accretion The Origin of the Moon, with nice paintings by Dr.

William K. Hartmann The Origin of the Earth and Moon.

How Was the Moon Formed?

The lesson gives the overview of the course and discussion on the origin of universe and solar system. Sign up now to enroll in courses, follow best educators. This new hypothesis about how Earth’s moon formed is challenging the commonly believed “giant impact hypothesis,” which suggests that Earth's moon formed from a colossal impact of a hypothetical planetary embryo, named Theia, with Earth, early in our Solar System's history.

Theories of the Past. In my lifetime there has been tremendous evolution in man’s ideas about the moon’s origin. In the s, planetary scientists were convinced that the moon formed one of three ways. NASA scientist Jennifer Heldmann describes the most popular theory of how the solar system and Earth’s moon was formed.

Below you can watch a short four minute video of her explanation of the accretion theory, see a computer simulation of the hypothesis, or watch the whole 45 minute video as recorded during the “Ask a Scientist” event in San Francisco, CA, on Oct 7th,

An overview of theories of the origin of the moon
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NASA - NASA Lunar Scientists Develop New Theory on Earth and Moon Formation