Compare the iliad to the movie troy

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Classics Analysis - The Iliad vs Troy

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Dicuss similarities and differences between Homer’s Iliad and the movie Troy Essay Sample

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The Godfather, The Movie - In the movie The God Father the corleone family is made up six members before marrying and having children, all which play a distinctive role in the movie.

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With many books, translations are negligible, with two obvious exceptions, one is the Bible, and surprisingly the other is The Iliad. Each translation can give a different insight and feel to the story.

The Godfather, The Movie - In the movie The God Father the corleone family is made up six members before marrying and having children, all which play a distinctive role in the movie.

The Iliad vs. the movie Troy?

 The movie Troy and the epic poem, the Iliad, reveal distinct differences and similarities in several scenes such as when Achilles learns of his fate but still decides to go to war; which is a similarity. 'Troy' is presented with loving respect and the level of excitement and action Homer's 'Iliad' deserves.

The epic poem from which the film is drawn should, of course, be required reading for anyone who wants to fully appreciate the true scope and rhythm of those times and the importance of the principals and the relationships between them.

Compare the iliad to the movie troy
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