Lost civilizations the inca of peru

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The Lost Inca Empire

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The Ica Stones are a collection of andesite stones alleged to contain ancient depictions of dinosaurs and advanced technology. They were reportedly discovered in a cave near Ica, Peru not far from the Nazca Lines. The Ica stones were popularized by Javier Cabrera, a Peruvian doctor who received an engraved stone as a birthday gift in Túpac Inca's son Huayna Cápac added a small portion of land to the north in modern-day Ecuador and in parts of Peru.

At its height, the Inca Empire included Peru and Bolivia, After the fall of the Inca Empire many aspects of Inca culture were systematically destroyed, Ancient Civilizations – Inca.

Majesty and Mystery: Ancient Civilizations of Peru. Small Group. Wishlist Lost City of the Incas. by Hiram Bingham. An outstanding illustrated survey of the archaeology of the Inca, Moche and Nasca civilizations.

With hundreds of color illustrations and line drawings, it's an in-depth look at the ancient cultures and history of Peru. Inca Civilization. The Inca civilization was the largest Pre-Columbian civilization in the Americas and Cusco was its capital. The best kept example of its architecture is Machu Picchu.

The Lost Civilisation of Peru.

Peru and Chile - Incan Highlights and Machu Picchu (Itinerary 1)

Two thousand years ago a mysterious and little known civilization ruled the northern coast of Peru. Its people were called the Moche.

Lost civilizations the inca of peru
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Serpent Caves and Lost Civilizations in Peru - Hidden Inca Tours