Protocols should be set in handling mentally challenged individuals by the police

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There’s Got to be a Better Way for Police to Deal with the Mentally Ill than Bullets

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It was my opinion that our department lacked sufficient training in this area.

The Dutiful Mind: Police Training in Dealing with the Mentally Ill

At the same time, the State of Ohio Police Officer Training Council reduced the requirements to teach recruits how to deal with persons in mental crisis to 2 hours of training regarding handling the mentally ill and the mentally retarded. Police officers not only must be able to recognize abnormal behavior and mentally ill persons, but also must be prepared to guard, restrain, or take into custody people whose behavior suggests the presence of a mental illness.

The following are suggestions for handling these difficult situations. **1. The role of the medical assistant concerning compliance with _____regulations is to remind the physician of license renewal dates, to keep accurate records for scheduled drugs, to maintain an accurate inventory and inventory records, and to ensure the security of scheduled drugs kept in the office.

Police are reminded that they can be tried criminally or civilly at both the state and federal levels, with a chance for the additional consequence of discipline from their police department.

Today in the criminal justice system we face a big problem with handling mentally ill people. In the criminal justice field, as a police officer, firefighter, or judge, we will come into contact with them just about everyday. Protocols Should Be Set in Handling Mentally Challenged Individuals by the Police PAGES 5.

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Protocols should be set in handling mentally challenged individuals by the police
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