Saving the whales saving the ocean

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10 Biggest Whales on the Planet

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The Effects of Ocean Pollution on Marine Mammals

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Save The Whales

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Right whale

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For more videos in the Ocean Odyssey series click here!. Lesson Plans & Activities 80 Marine Mammal Lessons. Reviewed by teachers, this collection includes lessons on defining a mammal, plus dolphins, whales, walruses, and more. GRAY WHALE AN ENDANGERED SPECIES.

The gray whale is known as both the friendly whale and the fighting whale. Yupik Eskimos who hunt the gray whale in Alaska, and 19th century commercial whalers who hunted the gray whale in Mexico have each called it “devil fish” because of its reputation for fighting back and overturning boats when attacked.

Our story in a nut shell.


The ORCA Foundation is part of a volunteer community dedicated to marine conservation in South Africa, and like many conservation projects depends on the willingness of others to contribute their time and dedication to furthering the volunteer and conservation ethics that go hand in hand for a better future.

For some ocean creatures, creating light is a matter of life and death. Learn about how light is used in the ocean. EarthTrust specializes in environmental wins that seem impossible to everyone else.

Despite its small size, it repeatedly engages and resolves world-scale issues. Import Blu-ray/Region All box set. Includes three films in both 3D and 2D: Dolphins & Whales-Tribes of the Ocean, Sharks and Ocean Wonderland.

Saving the whales saving the ocean
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Biologist: Orca attacks on gray whales up in California bay