Skeletal remains of the mungo man

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Mungo Man was discovered on the 26th of February at a dry lake bed of Lake Mungo in the west New South Wales, Australia. Jim Bowler, a geologist who discovered Mungo Man, spotted his skeletal remains while he was riding his motorbike around Lake Mungo after some heavy rain.

Lake Mungo remains

Mungo Man, or WLH 3, is possibly the oldest dated human remains in Australia, originally dated to 62, BP, other dates revising it to 42, BP. There are belieivers of both dates.

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Mungo Man: The Story Behind The Bones That Forever Changed Australia’s History

Discussion of the dating and significance of Lake Mungo 3. The Lake Mungo 3 skeleton was discovered by Jim Bowler. In Februaryafter prolonged rain inBowler noticed the exposed left side of a carbonate encrusted human cranium m east of the Mungo 1 cremation site.

and other skeletal remains from the Wilandra Lakes, to the. Geologist Jim Bowler found the remains of "Mungo Man" in February He is thought to be the oldest human ever uncovered on the Australian continent.

Skeletal remains of the mungo man
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