Statement of the problem in daily time record system

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Automated Daily Time Record

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Statement of the problem thesis payroll system Send link to edit together this prezi using Prezi Meeting learn more: Even though they are paid a flat salary, they submit daily timecards that record the date and hours worked.

Employees will be able to query the system for number of hours worked, totals of all hours billed to a project i. UPDATED INFO Since posting my original "FYI" review (see below), "Steely" responded with info which proved my review to be wrong. I have tested his "how to" with my ION U Record USB Music Archive System and Windows 7 laptop and the result is stereo, so yes, you can record.

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Statement of the Problem: According to Mr. Noli the problem that they encountered when using the logbook in recording their daily time record, there were times that the employees where being dishonest in recording their time and also there’s an incident happened that the logbook was lost by the employee.

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1. 7 Automated Employee Daily Time Record Management System Using RFID 1 Testing Procedures for Each Module of the System 43 2 Rating Scale for the Evaluation Instrument 45 3 Range of Scale Values and its Interpretation 45 4 Test Results for Functionality and Usability 57 5 Respondents’ Mean Rating for the Project 58 6 1/5(2).

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Statement of the problem in daily time record system
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