The address of the desired issue

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Tackling Hard Disk Corruption

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What Causes Performance Problems?

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Sometimes practitioners and researchers attempt to address a specific health or quality-of-life issue in a particular group of people without knowing whether those people consider the issue to be important. Send name, email address (in case we need to contact you), mailing address, issues desired and payment to: Washington Calligraphers Guild ATTN: Scripsit Back Issues c/o Lucinda Wright 10 W.

Hamilton Street Baltimore, MD Prices include postage within the United States. For orders being shipped to Canada and Mexico, add $4 per copy; all.

In our last issue, we focused on research related to children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and noted a few strategies for helping these students succeed in the this month’s issue, we’ve asked year veteran teacher Melissa Fike, a first-grade teacher in Firestone, Colorado, to give us additional suggestions and practical advice for the elementary teacher.

Though avoidance by managers to address these issues is common, it is not the best policy. This is exactly how discussions of performance issues go awry, with very little good coming out of them. Remember to focus on your desired outcome -- improved employee performance.

You want the employee to be successful. If you find yourself in .

The address of the desired issue
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