The chaos that brought peace to the world

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‘The World Is Descending Into Chaos’

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The American Civil War brought peace to a divided nation, and laid the groundwork for the “peace”of an entire race of enslaved people. I suspect that any and all (successful) wars of independence brought peace to many of the people yearning to be free of an oppressive rule.

“Peace in a World of Turmoil” prophecies of salvation to people who were weary and beat down by the stresses of their life--by the turmoil of war and chaos brought on by the Assyrians. Peace was not a part of their ordinary life. They didn’t know what it looked like anymore.

Soon the chaos that this world is descending into will grow so fierce that they will have to acknowledge that truth!

God wants to show us how to have peace. All these prophecies of the troubled time we live in show us, in spectacular detail, where this is all leading.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: () WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4, Rokita: Honoring Two Men Who Brought Peace In Times of Chaos. Rokita Honors 50th Anniversary of Robert Kennedy’s Speech for Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

God's Work In Chaos

Yet whereas in early films, chaos is always brought under to neo-messiahs of political and/or religious persuasion announcing the need for a "new world order." Order. Peace. The human heart. And I’ll note this structure, which has kept the peace and brought unprecedented prosperity for the world was bought and paid for—and sustained to this very moment—with the blood of the.

The chaos that brought peace to the world
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