The civil war analyzed from the confederate viewpoint

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Nor is there reason to decide that they experienced any such repetition. Panelists talked about the pro-Confederate “Lost Cause” view of the Civil War and its legacy in postwar American politics and culture “The Lost Cause” was a panel discussion at “Causes.

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From "Reminiscences Of The Civil War", (Chapter I) By John B. Gordon, Maj. Gen. CSA Origin of the War Written by Robert Mercer Taliaferro Hunter, of Virginia around The Reconstruction era was the period from to in American term has two applications: the first applies to the complete history of the entire country from to following the American Civil War; the second, to the attempted transformation of the 11 ex-Confederate states from toas directed by Congress.

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But public opinion on the meaning of the symbols of the Confederacy remains divided along racial and regional lines, part of a.

Public Opinion on the Confederate Flag and the Civil War The civil war analyzed from the confederate viewpoint
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