The dangers of cyber bullying

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The Hidden Dangers of Cyberbullying

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4 Dangers of the Internet

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The Hidden Dangers of Cyberbullying

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Ohio University

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Patterns can help by showing their love worst and explicitly. Cyber bullying [can be, and is oftentimes,] just as harmful as bullying in the real world." The bullies attack many of the same characteristics of a person that a school bully would, except with the proliferation of social media, these attacks have become more personalized and may occur during any part of the day or night.

A study on cyberbullying in Hong Kong chose 48 out of students from elementary school to high school who were classified as potential aggressors related to cyberbullying. 31 out of 48 students declared they barely participated in cyber-attacks.

It is common among high school students (28 out of 36 students) to participate in social media. The major differences between cyber bullying and traditional bullying are that the bully does not have to see the victims reaction to the harassment, the victim can remain anonymous, the harassment can occur at anytime, and the audience has the potential to be worldwide.

Risk Factors In order to prevent cyberbullying it is important to recognize the risk factors and which members of our youth are more likely to be targeted for cyberbullying than others. By recognizing these risk factors we can better prepare and educate youth about the dangers of cyberbullying and how to protect oneself.

One severely dangerous and unfortunately obscure application of technology is cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is when a child or teen is threatened, humiliated, or harassed by another child or teen using the internet, mobile phones, or any other digital technology.

Cyberbullying and the dangers associated with it

What Makes Cyberbullying So Dangerous? In all its forms, cyberbullying combines the devastating effects of in-person bullying with several added issues unique to its technological format.

The dangers of cyber bullying
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Cyberbullying and the dangers associated with it - MSU Extension