The decade of the whinny quarterback

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New York media’s reaction to the Tim Tebow trade

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How would Tom Bradley fit as UCLA’s defensive coordinator?

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The One & Only

Cleveland Browns – QB Josh Allen (Wyoming) Most scouts have USC’s QB Sam Darnold as the #1 signal caller and he’s frequently pegged here in a lot of mock drafts.

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Who should be the new QB? Discuss here!

NFL The Best NFL Quarterbacks of the s. Originally by Ranker NFL. k votes voters k views Follow. List Rules Vote up your favorite Quarterbacks that played in the NFL between and These are the best quarterbacks of the s.

In other words, this is the short list of anyone that you could possibly on of the top NFL. Nov 25,  · Additionally, he led all NFL players in interceptions inis the Buccaneers all-time interceptions leader, and is one of the two members of the 40/20 club (40+ interceptions, 20+ quarterback sacks) alongside Charles Woodson.

The greatest quarterback in Green Bay history (chew on that for a moment) and probably one of the five greatest in NFL history deserves all of this acclaim.

Mocking the first 15 picks of the NFL draft

And I, for one, am tickled to death to.

The decade of the whinny quarterback
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