The effects of smokeless tobacco

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Health Effects Infographics

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Risks of tobacco

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Accidents To Quit Many smokeless tobacco users say it is even harder to quit smokeless cotton than cigarettes. Using smokeless tobacco increases the risk for death from heart disease and stroke.

1,3; Smokeless tobacco can cause nicotine poisoning in children. 4; Additional research is needed to examine long-term effects of newer smokeless tobacco products, such as dissolvables and U.S. snus. References. World Health Organization. IARC. The Hidden Dangers of Smokeless Tobacco.

Healthy oral care habits at home, along with regular check-ups, can help detect and prevent many of these harmful side effects. However, the best way to lower your risk of developing these issues is to stop using smokeless tobacco products altogether. The process of making chewing tobacco can vary depending on the brand and flavor.

Smokeless Tobacco

It is made from the tobacco leaves and stem by shredding and grinding them, usually separately, as leaves are softer and grind at a different rate. Find information on smokeless products, such as chewing tobacco and snuff, their health effects, how they are marketed, and the latest data on their use in the United States.

Chewing tobacco, snuff, or smokeless tobacco effects health adversely with oral cancers, gum disease, tooth decay (cavities), tooth loss, and bad breath.

Learn how to quit chewing tobacco, the side effects of chewing tobacco, and how mouth cancer can arise from chewing tobacco.

Health Risks of Smokeless Tobacco

Other harmful health effects of smokeless tobacco include: Heart disease and high blood pressure; Increased risk of heart attack and stroke; Increased risk of early delivery and stillbirth when used during pregnancy; Smokeless tobacco can lead to nicotine poisoning and even death in children who mistake it for candy.

The effects of smokeless tobacco
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Health Risks of Smokeless Tobacco