The evolution of the android architecture

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The Beginner’s Guide to Android: Android Architecture

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Appdevcon 2017

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Android Development Basics: The Evolution of Android

The Android architecture re-evolution: ViewModel & LiveData. Explore the evolution of Android architectures applied to real apps. Discover how we adopted the new Android Architecture Components to build the Rijksmuseum tours app and solve in an elegant way common Android lifecycle issues.

This is a very high-level overview of the architecture of Reddit, it is focused only on the parts of the site that are involved with the core experience of the site. Architecting Android The evolution Hey there!

After a while (and a lot of feedback received) I decided it was a good time to get back to this topic and give you another taste of what I consider a good approach when it comes to architecting modern mobile applications (android in this case).

With the evolution of Android, the Linux kernels it runs on have evolved too. Here is a table highlighting the different kernel versions. Here is a table highlighting the different kernel versions.

The kernel in use is a Linux series kernel, modified for special needs in power management, memory management and the runtime environment.

Architecting Android The evolution. Based on the above articles clean architecture example, there is a clear evolution in the codebase, especially because nowadays with applications being key at a business level, more than ever, there is a need to scale, modularize and organize teams around Mobile Development (mainly due to its complexity).

• History of Android Architecture • Five Layers Linux Kernel Android Runtime Libraries Application Framework Open source evolution of “Danger Android Runtime • Dalvik Virtual Machine • Core Java libraries Specific to Android development.

The evolution of the android architecture
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The Android architecture re-evolution: ViewModel & LiveData | Appdevcon