The feeling of losing a dream

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Dreams About Being Lost: Dream Meanings Explained

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Also feeling like this and really losing hope:(constantly terrified and now can't drive or anything just want to sleep and hide from the world I'm scared to have an attack anywhere it's just gotten worse and worse and this bubble I am in and dream I am living Which I feel like I will wake up from one day and not know where I am which is also.

Insecure feelings about a partner that has left you. Feeling that you are losing someone special in your life that made you feel secure and don't know how to live without them.

To dream of being lost in fog represents feelings about being unable to escape a situation that uncertain, mysterious, or giving you mixed signals. The loss of teeth in a dream can also mean that the dreamer lacks circumspection with his/her words, which are loose and falling out of the mouth.

It can be, but need not necessarily be anything serious, perhaps a bit of loose talk, gossip or an unkind word to one's neighbor. Losing a baby can also be a sign that you have lost your innocence, and perhaps some of the trusting qualities you had. You may feel you have to “toughen up and grow up” to prevent future hurt or loss.

There may be a sense of mourning and letting go with this dream. Feeling that you are losing someone special in your life that made you feel secure and don't know how to live without them. Negatively, dreaming of being lost may be a sign that you are too emotionally dependent on something or someone.

I was attempting to find them again but ended up losing my wallet. I was in some sort of student union type building. THE REALITY The day before the dream the dreamer was highly depressed and feeling worthless.

The feeling of losing a dream
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Painful emotions in dreams - In your dreams by Jane Teresa Anderson