The great gatsby mwds

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The Great Gatsby MWDS

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Major Works Data Sheet AP Language and Composition. Title of Work: The Great Gatsby. Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Date of Publication: Genre: The Great Gatsby can belong to an assortment of genres, two major genres include Modernist Novel, and Social Criticism. The Great Gatsby From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Changes must be reviewed before being displayed on this details This article is about the novel.

For the film, TV and opera adaptations, see The Great Gatsby (disambiguation). This. The Great Gatsby MWDS; The Great Gatsby MWDS. Dancing became a big part of the social scene. The ‘ass were also known as the Jazz Age, because of the sudden popularity in Jazz music.

The younger generation was open to the reform and arbitration. However, the older generation didn’t like the change. to was the Prohibition Era. Major Works Data Sheet AP Language and Composition.

Title of Work: The Great Gatsby. Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald. Date of Publication: Genre: The Great Gatsby can belong to an assortment of genres, two major genres include Modernist Novel, and Social Criticism.

where the Great Gatsby was completed. Slowly afterward, Fitzgerald gave into alcoholism, which greatly affected his ability to write and publish.

Additionally, his wife was mentally ill and she was admitted to a hospital. The marriage began to fall. AP English: Major Works Data Sheet Title: The Great Gatsby Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald Date of Publication: Genre: Tragedy, Modernist Biographical information about the author Named after his ancestor, Francis Scott Key, F.

Scott Fitzgerald was born on September 24, in St. Paul, Minnesota. In he enrolled at Princeton, did not graduate, and enlisted in the army in near the %(3).

The great gatsby mwds
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