The impact of the haitian revolution

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United States and the Haitian Revolution

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Haitian Revolution

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The Haitian Revolution established the country of Haiti, ended French designs on the New World and led to a racial panic in the United States. Similar to the French Revolution, through its formulation, process, and legacy, the Haitian Revolution made an impact in the global community socially, economically, and politically.

Although the Haitian people were independent from France and the rest of Europe, the Europeans still had some sort of impact on their community socially. The Haitian Revolution was a revolution ignited from below, by the underrepresented majority of the population. A huge majority of the supporters of the Haitian revolution were slaves and freed Africans who were severely discriminated against by colonial society and the law.

The United States and the Haitian Revolution, – The Haitian Revolution created the second independent country in the Americas after the United States became independent in The Haitian Revolution established the country of Haiti, ended French designs on the New World and led to a racial panic in the United States.

Haiti became the first successful slave uprising in the Americas.

Haitian Revolution

This new republic, however, was not welcomed into the community of nations because of. Douglas Egerton on the Haitian Revolution, Toussaint L'Ouverture, and Jefferson Resource Bank Contents Q: What was the impact.

United States and the Haitian Revolution The impact of the haitian revolution
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