The unique nature of diamonds

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Brown diamonds

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Identifying Lab-Grown Diamonds

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Diamonds in Nature: A Guide to Rough Diamonds illustrates the range of crystal shapes, colours, surface textures, and mineral inclusions of rough, uncut, naturally forming diamonds.

Researchers Discover the Unique Origin of Blue Diamonds

Each chapter contains photographs that show the unique physical characteristics of the diamonds, and the accompanying text describes the processes.

A work of art for your love!

Crater of Diamonds State Park

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From exceptional cuts to ornate settings to entirely avant-garde shapes, these rings are perfect for the bride eschewing tradition. The Nature of Diamonds Diamonds are some of the most beautiful and alluring treasures on the planet.

From their birth deep in the earth to their prominent place in world culture, The Nature of Diamonds took visitors through the amazing transformations of these precious gems. Researchers Discover the Unique Origin of Blue Diamonds. One of the most famous colored diamonds in the world is the Hope diamond, a natural color Fancy dark grayish blue diamond.

The Hope diamond was graded in by a team of GIA gemologists. In addition to insight into the nature of some of the rarest diamonds known, this study .

The unique nature of diamonds
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