Unclear weapon that played a major part on the 20th century military defense system

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The response to those who would still prefer that America must organize to be the world police is not only, but it is king. Kime Okay Force Quarterly 88 Jan. The B-2’s capability to penetrate air defenses and threaten effective retaliation provides a strong, effective deterrent and combat force well into the 21st century.

Lasers find a myriad of uses in society, and in warfare are used for targeting of missiles and other weapons, and as an alternative to radar. Various prototype laser weapons are under development. Perhaps, the question can be reworded to ask which XXI century military technologies affected common tactics and which XX century technologies have become obsolete.

How the U.S. Could Shoot Down A Russian Nuclear Missile (It Can't)

Battleships became obsolete in thanks to advances in naval aviation, as became clear after the sinking of the battleship Bismarck and the Attack on Pearl Harbor. What 20th century military tactics would be unsuitable for 21st century weapons?

Update Cancel. ad by LendingTree. the question can be reworded to ask which XXI century military technologies affected common tactics and which XX century technologies have become obsolete. Who are the great intellectuals of the late 20th century/early 21st.

A 21st-Century Military Doctrine for America

The first 21st century war was quite different than the 20th century conflicts. For one thing, far fewer Americans are being killed or wounded in combat. a loser's weapon, because it kills more civilians than enemy troops and played a major role in turning the locals against the Iraqi terrorists and Afghan Taliban.

the GPS transponders. The human soldier will have a knife, entrenching tool [still have to go to the bathroom], flash light, some kind of night vision and a pistol or personal defense weapon weighing 5 pounds or less and less the 30 inches long.

Unclear weapon that played a major part on the 20th century military defense system
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American History: The Cold War