Why the coke bottle has drastically changed over time

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Everytime I drink alcohol I get cankers...anyone know why??

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A drink can (or beverage can) Prior to this time, beer was only available in barrels or in glass bottles. From this time, lightweight tin cans could be used. In New Zealand the standard can size is ml, although Coca-Cola Amatil changed its canned drinks to ml in China.

In China the most common size is ml. Switching to vodka soda and two limes has drastically changed my hangover and my calorie intake! Mine too! I used to mostly drink cider, put on a lot of weight and had awful hangovers.

A single 12 ounce glass of O.J. contains an incredible 9 teaspoons of sugar, about the same as a 12 ounce can of Coke! This equates to 36 grams of carbs. May 19,  · A diet of processed food, too much sugar and yeast, and too many antibiotics, will, over time, allow candida to thrive and grow and spread.

Candida loves sugar/alcohol/yeast. An outbreak of oral thrush with sores in mouth or white patches on tongue is typical after too much alcohol.

Why the coke bottle has drastically changed over time
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